Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Pimp my Pram

Well, a lot has happened since my last post, and I am about to become a yummy mummy. So if you can relate, here are some pimped up prams to make you laugh.. I especially like the Star Wars one!

Personally, I don't think they're pimp enough..

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The Worms From Pluto

Ballet dancing worms from the planet Pluto...

A few stills from my animated film 'The Worms From Pluto', which I had great fun making whilst I was a student at UWE. Sadly one of my worms has since been kidnapped, but the other 7 remain intact... I plan to go on to make more Worms From Pluto related products shortly. Watch this space...

Paper Bag Lady

Paper Bag Lady gets up to some new adventures! I'm so proud of her. Hey little lady... Don't forgot about me when you're rich and famous...

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Limericks: Round Three

I sort of changed my mind one day-
It fell out my head and went astray,
I looked all right,
Into the bright,
But I think it dissappeared that day.

I like to eat green eggs and... cheese,
I coughed a bit- it made me wheeze,
Why do they say,
'Ooh have a nice day',
And walk around with such knobbly knees?

I met this rat, gurt big he was,
I just couldn't work out why because,
He only ate lettuce,
He had no fat fettish,
Oh that poor fat rat, face down in cos.

I am half certain that there is a type of lettuce called a 'cos'.

I went into a teddy bear shop,
Lit up with joy, my eyes did pop!
Saw a stuffed Guinea,
Pig looked cute and linear,
With four furry feet and a red haiy mop.

I bet you can't say that last line too quickly.

Suzy snail was a wonderful pet,
She'd munch all day- on the train set,
Tom wasn't happy,
That she'd ate his train cabby,
So he squeezed it right out of her... and now she's rather skinny...

eww.. this is gross. Sorry girls and boys. Time to go to sleep now. Tellytubbies are on in the morning. YAY!

Friday, 29 June 2007

The Worms from Pluto

Go to to watch the animation.

ancient arty-facts

This is a sculpture I made whilst still at school. It was a bit of a challenge cutting out all those plastic mirror rectangles by hand and sticking them on with a glue gun, but I think it was worth it in the end. It was inspired by deep sea life and the clear acrylic was softened in an oven so I could bend it round. I also felt that the juxtapositioning of the plastic set up against the... blaa bla blaa. You get the idea.

Upon my return from the shops, I discovered that the tenticle which I had so lovingly created was infact far more intellectual than I had first anticipated. Either that or he had eaten the receptionist.

Thursday, 28 June 2007

Limericks: Round Two

There once was a man named Morris,
Who tried it on with his local flourist,
He handed her flowers,
But she said 'aren't those ours?!'
That cheeky young man named Morris.

I went in a spaceship to Mars,
Where I met lots of cats driving cars,
I said 'what's this about?'
In reply they did shout,
'There's no driving restrictions on Mars'

I wanted to write a good poem,
To my Granpy who lives in Dun-Boeing,
ahhh... writer's block...

It's a knockout.

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Poetry gone wrong

I hereby challenge myself to a limerick writing contest. The more thoughtless the better.

ROUND ONE *ding ding*

There once was a young man named Dean,
Who planted himself a small bean,
But it grew really fierce,
Deano broke into tears,
His prize plant was the worst he had seen.

That was the warm up.

I once met a bloke with a croak,
Who walked like a frog with a stroke,
He would hippitty-hop,
Fall into cow plop.
It was obvious he just couldn't cope.

There was an young man named Willfred,
Who liked to be called 'Right Said Fred',
But his parents weren't glad,
Infact, they got mad,
Bopped poor Fred on the head, now he's dead.

So dismal.

There was a sweet wrapper named Heidi,
Who wrapped herself up in a cardi,
She was so nice and snug,
Secure like a bug,
That her foils looked sweet, soft, and shiny.

I once kept a pig named Carrot,
Who snorted somewhat like a parrot,
'Oink Oink' he would go,
Running round, never slow,
So I cooked him for lunch in the crock pot.